Saath Saath – living together in harmony

Responding to the increasing awareness about gender parity and ironically, the growing violence against the female sex, the Avehi Abacus Project has developed a kit on Gender titled Saath Saath - Living together in harmony. The kit has been developed to generate respect for individuals irrespective of their biological sex. It aims to create an awareness that requires not just intellectual effort but sensitivity and open-mindedness.

As the name Saath Saath suggests, the main intention of this effort is to work together to address the problems related to gender and create a future where girls and boys, women and men will have equal respect and an equal chance for a better life.

The first step in this journey therefore is to recognize that today women are treated unfairly and are considered unequal to men. Not just in our own society but also all over the world, discrimination on the basis of gender continues to take place either openly or covertly in every social institution – beginning in the home and family, and affecting the public sphere as well. Patriarchy continues to rule the roost. And this adversely affects boys and men as well.

But it is equally true that society’s understanding of women’s roles is slowly – but surely – changing. The right to education, the right to vote and participate in the running of a country, the right to work and the right to equal wages for equal work, the right to seek justice – these are rights that women haven’t had as long as men. Each of these signifies a fight, a revolution. These are rights enshrined in our Constitution, guaranteed by law to every girl and woman irrespective of caste, race, religion or region.

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Today children are exposed to a plethora of inputs from their peers and the media which reinforce gender stereotypes and add to the confusion. Teachers and parents too are often unclear about what they can do to guide their wards. The need for verified information and discussion is hence urgent; this is important for girls as well as boys and calls for active engagement on part of the teacher and learner. Yet there is very little material available for use in schools that talks about the relevant issues in an interesting and safe manner. This kit aims to fill that vacuum - to help children make sense of the world they encounter as they grow towards maturity.

We are trying to initiate a process of change in how children think and how they apply their insights to the choices they make in real life. For this to happen, children need a certain body of experience that they can draw upon and revisit; children in the age group of 12 to 16 have developed abilities required for such analysis, reflection and decision-making. Thus we have created this age-appropriate, comprehensive resource rooted in the principles of critical pedagogy.

The Saath Saath curriculum

The kit includes a Manual for Teachers containing a set of 12 session plans with material for children, a Video Compact Disk containing supplementary visual material and a file of all the children’s materials to facilitate photocopying.

The Archdiocesan Board Of Education (ABE), Mumbai, has taken the responsibility to support the dissemination and use of the kits. As part of this process workshops have also been conducted for 145 teachers of 98 ABE schools.


Sample Session(s): Session 5 (Gender inequality begins at home)


The Saath Saath kit is available for use by individuals / schools / organizations working with children between the ages of 8 to 14 years. Please contact us for further details.

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