The Avehi Abacus Project has developed three integrated packages of educational materials for students and teachers in the formal as well as the non-formal streams of learning. The programmes are meant to supplement and augment the existing school curriculum.



The Sangati series is a foundation course that aims to enrich the school curriculum for children between the ages of 10 and 16. It consists of six interactive learning kits for teachers and children.



Manthan is a foundation course for pre-service teacher training. Its approach is to supplement rather than replace the mainstream curriculum and to help trainers and trainee-teachers reflect on the way the education system functions in our country.


Living together in harmony

Saath Saath focuses on gender and the inequalities based on gender differences. The kit has been developed to generate respect for individuals irrespective of their biological sex. It aims at creating an awareness that requires not just intellectual effort but sensitivity and open-mindedness.

Sangati class is my favourite because our teacher tells us interesting stories. I learn new things that I did not know earlier & I love filling in worksheets. When I grow up I would like to be a Sangati teacher.

Name: Abhishek Rajesh Tiwari (student)

School: Juhu Gandhigram Marathi School Ward: K/E

Sangati is a journey. It is a bridge between the past and present. In Sangati I gain something new every time. I am eager to go home and share this new knowledge with my sister and friends.

Name: Nisha Shah (student)

School: Tare Marg Municipal School Ward: R/N

Sangati is very enjoyable & useful for students & teachers alike - students enjoy stories & visual aids; teachers use it to link information related to history, civics, & to teach values like justice & humanity.

Name: Amala Sekaran Nadar (teacher)

School: Poisar Mun. Tamil School Ward: R/C

Through Sangati students are made aware of social change using interesting anecdotes. They are interested in the attractive visual aids & are keen to fill worksheets, colour pictures & decorate their files.

Name: Mr Ghanshyam Singh (teacher)

School: Unnat Nagar Mun. Hindi school Ward: P/S