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Our Vision & Mission

The AVEHI ABACUS PROJECT has been working in the field of education since 1990, with the aim of improving and strengthening the public education system so as to reach out to the marginalized sections of society and to impact mainstream policy on education.

Our contribution to the Indian educational scenario is evident in the rich and relevant content, appreciated and adopted by students, teachers and policy makers alike. We have developed three teaching-learning modules integrating content from Social and Physical sciences. The programmes are meant to supplement and augment the existing school curriculum in formal schools and support post-literacy development in non-formal settings.

The Vision

The AVEHI ABACUS PROJECT is based on the understanding that education, social justice and environmental sustainability are intertwined. It believes in working for an education system that recognizes the primacy of an active learner and hopes to support teachers to become reflective and transformative intellectuals contributing to positive social change.

The Mission

The AVEHI ABACUS PROJECT strives to influence the quality of teaching-learning in schools and on teacher education platforms, with a view to equipping children with the skills and values that will help them achieve their own potential and contribute positively to society. It also aims to empower teachers to become active participants in the educational process. Driven by the values of justice and equlity, the AVEHI ABACUS PROJECT strives to influence policies for the formulation, acceptance and implementation of equal-quality free education for all children from 0 to 18 years.